University of New Mexico

I attended the University of New Mexico while living in Albuquerque NM and working at the Albuquerque Microelectronics Operation (AMO).  I was in the Executive Masters in Business Administration program. 

The EMBA program allowed me to perform research related to my job in semiconductor manufacturing.  For instance, I performed a survey of organizational culture at the AMO and it's effect on the success of Quality Assurance initiatives.  From the results of the survey I created a statistical model of the factors which led to success in the QA initiatives, and presented the results at a couple of management science conferences. 

In my quantitative methods class, I performed a process capability analysis of the entire AMO manufacturing process, documenting the capability of each process and showing how each process contributed to final product yield.

The EMBA program required that you work in a small group to complete assignments in all of the classes.  The small group was like a team that you may participate in on the job.  I found this to be an effective way to improve analysis and presentation skills, and also to learn from others with different backgrounds.

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