Experience in research design and implementation, from literature reviews to analysis and publication of research results.

Developed and supervised the integration of all operations necessary to complete neuropharmacological research, including animal breading, designing experimental protocols, drug administration, tissue preparation, analytical chemistry techniques, experimental psychology studies, statistical analysis of data and publication of results.

Experience with the following technologies.

  • Assay techniques for compounds of interest in neurochemistry
  • UV/Visible spectroscopy
  • Atomic adsorption spectroscopy
  • Ultra-high speed centrifugation
  • Protein isolation and purification techniques
  • Ion exchange column chromatography
  • Thin layer ion chromatography
  • Solvent-based extraction and purification techniques
  • High pressure liquid chromatography with electro-chemical detection
  • Radioisotopic assay methods, liquid scintillation
  • Analytical balances
  • Preparation of reagent grade solutions of many compounds
  • pH measurement systems and titration
  • Laboratory supply management
  • Visible and scanning electron microscopes
  • Microscopic dissection techniques
  • Experimental psychology equipment and techniques for studying behavior of mice
  • Stereotaxic drug administration and surgical techniques

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