• Senior level technology development engineer with a record of achievements in leading edge manufacturing technologies and management information systems. Intelligent and adaptable, defines parameters, identifies resources, and implements practical solutions under time-critical conditions. Creative and innovative in problem solving.
  • Experienced with the complete technology development life cycle as applied to process/products in the biotechnology, semiconductor and software engineering industries, including research and development, conceptual design, physical design, system integration, documentation, distribution, and process/product support.
  • Eight years experience in analytical and semiconductor manufacturing research and process development provides hands-on background in problem analysis and resolution. Ten years experience in development and support of Quality Assurance programs for electronics manufacturing provides an understanding of the business/engineering systems necessary for successful operations. Eight years experience in information systems development provides extensive background in business process analysis and information system design and deployment.
  • Executive MBA degree provides strong program management skills and the ability to perform effectively in financial and managerial roles.

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