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Welcome to my personal career Web site. I put this Web site together to better communicate my career aspirations to those who may be interested. It has the usual sections of a resume, plus some information about my interests and thoughts about work in general.

If you find some areas of my interests that coincide with your current employment needs, please give me a call or Email to discuss the possibilities of working together. You can find my contact information by clicking the Contact Me link at the top of each page, or the Contact Me link in the links in the right panel on this page.

I am currently interested in finding opportunities in one of three areas, Microsoft ASP.NET software development in the Kansas City area, especially in or near Overland Park, quality assurance engineering for biotechnology, or process/QA engineering for semiconductor manufacturing. Take a look at my interests page to understand what I am most interested in doing.

Although my experience in Biotechnology and Semiconductor manufacturing is somewhat dated now, the underlying principles of biology and chemistry haven’t changed.  Thus, my skills remain as relevant today as when I worked directly in these fields. However, even more important than specific technologies, the process of experimentation, and the management of research and production resources can greatly influence the outcome and success of the research process.  This is an area where my experience provides insight into what works well.  So, if you are currently staffing for these disciplines give me a call to discuss your positions to see if there may be a match.

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