College of Charleston

I attended the College of Charleston for my undergraduate education. I majored in Marine Biology and graduated in 1974 with a BS degree, ranked number one in my senior class. I was somewhat surprised at my rank when I was first told about it by a school counselor. I had found the classes to be very difficult, but I was persistent in my studies. This taught me the importance of trying hard even though things seem difficult. It also taught me to be patient when learning new technologies, and to not expect to master a difficult topic with little effort. I also prayed for guidance in my studies and I really think that helped, both then and now.

The curriculum included several semesters of chemistry, geology, and physics in addition to the biology classes. It was designed to prepare you for research positions or graduate school in marine science. I didn't understand at the time, but it also prepared me for work in biochemistry and semiconductor manufacturing. As it turned out, the skills necessary to do research in marine science transferred well to other fields requiring a good science background and an understanding of carbon chemistry. Although I never worked in the field of marine science, I still have a hard time walking on a beach without trying to identify the marine life.

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